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The Benefits Of Sleeping Together: Co-sharing Bed With Your Partner

Snuggle up. Sharing a bed with your loved one can make your life long and you happier. Read on to learn how co-sleeping can affect your life.

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Spending hours in bed and snuggling with your loved one is one of the best things you can do with your person.

Sharing a bed has its own benefits, and goes far away from being intimate.

The benefits of sleeping together, next to your partner, can have a positive impact on your well-being and even make your relationship stronger.

Being close with your partner is everything. Being close goes beyond physical. Sleeping together supports physycal connection and makes the emotional connection stronger.

All in, both physical and emotional connections can make relationships stronger and longer. So get ready to get closer, both physically and emotionally, today with your loved one.

Have You Heard About The Cuddle Chemical

Oxytocin is a hormone known as the ‘cuddle hormone,’ or the ‘love hormone,’ that releases when people bond socially. Did you know that oxytocin releases when you play with your dog?

Puppies and happiness go together. However, it’s not only sunshine and rainbow when it comes to the famous ‘love hormone,’ because oxytocin can intensify memories of bonding gone bad – like when someone has poor relationships with siblings.

It can also make people less accepting of people they see as outsiders.

Oxytocin In Women

Oxytocin is an extremely important hormone for women. Oxytocin is a peptide produced in the brain and plays a huge role in the brain process and in nursing.

This hormone causes uterine contractions during labor and supports shrink the uterus after delivery. Plus, this hormone promotes mother-child bonding.

Maternal bonding goes beyond chemicals because children can be adopted and hormones can still be strong.

However, oxytocin released during pregnancy has a stronger role in motivation and feelings of connectedness to a baby.

Oxytocin In Men

Oxytocin can facilitate bonding in men as well. Vasopressin is another hormone that plays a huge role in men.

Moreover, different studies have shown that dads who got a boost of oxytocin via a nasal spray played more closely with their 5-month-old babies than dads who didn’t get the hormone, according to a 2012 study.

In another study, published in PNAS in 2010, men have a differnet task. They all were given a dose of oxytocin and the simple task of writing about their mothers.

Men with strong and secure relationships described their moms as more caring ones since they got their oxytocin.

On the other hand, those who had a more turbulent relationship with their mothers described them as less caring.

So, this ‘love hormone may help with the formation of social memories, whether good or bad.

To feel this ‘love hormone’ you don’t have to take oxytocin constantly, because you can experience this happiness by merely sleeping.

Benefits Of Sleeping Together

Sharing a bed with someone goes beyond intimacy. Sharing a bed with someone is a lot about trust. Sleeping next to someone, with your eyes closed for hours, and feeling safe during those moments is priceless.

Sure, it’s romantic to share a bed with someone, but it’s also therapeutic. Simply said, sharing a bed with a partner comes with certain health benefits, including:

  • Sleeping together can lower your blood pressure
  • Sleeping together can reduce inflammation
  • Sleeping together can reduce stress
  • Sleeping together can strengthen your immune system

Schedule Syncing

Sharing a bed with a partner means that you will sync your sleeping schedule, and wake up at the same time. Moreover, you will go to bed together at the same time.

Being on the same sleep schedule means that you will maximize awake-time together and spend soem quality time in bed bonding even more.

Also, the same sleep schedule means that your circadian (internal clocks) are in sync, which can only boost your relationship and make you happier.

If you and your partner love to sleep in the same bed, you should invest in the best mattress and pillow to support your sleep.

Right sleeping gear can do wonders for your sleep and help you feel relaxed and fresher the following day.

In some cases, it can even minimize the morning headache.

Why Is Partner Sleep Good For You?

Being physically close to someone makes you feel better. Moreover, touching someone releases dopamine and serotonin, both of which can boost your depression and improve your mood.

Cuddling is sometimes everything. Plus, it can strengthen your emotional state and improve your emotional well-being. When you are happy, your stress levels are going down.

Sleeping together can also make your relationship better, and improve relationship happiness. Those are more likely to cuddle are much more likely to be happy in their relationships.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have your own space in bed, nor that occasional solo-sleeping is bad, becuase we all have different sleep requirements.

However, if you want to work on your relationship and last longer, you and your partner should share a bed regularly.

How To Have Partner Sleep

Sleeping with your partner can be challenging at first, especially if you have different daily obligations, or if one of you has night shifts.

Prepare for a few bumpy nights, until you two sync. If you and your partner have misaligned body clocks you will need to compromise.

If your partner is a light sleeper and you are a heavy snorer, you might want to invest in nasal strips for your sleep and earbuds for your partner to support healthy sleep.

If you have pets talk about sleeping arrangements and talk with your partner about sharing a bed with your pets. Don’t forget that mutual goal should be a good night’s rest.

To sleep better you need a proper sleep atmosphere. You have probably heard that sleeping in extremely warm rooms isn’t healthy.

That’s because you should sleep in dark and cooler rooms because colder temperature promotes sleep.

It’s recommended that your sleeping environment be about 67 degrees Fahrenheit for your best sleep.

You don’t want to sweat all night long and push your partner away because you can’t handle more heat.

What if Your Partner’s Snoring Wakes You Up?

Your partner may be the best one when it comes to cuddling, but if there is an issue of snoring, not even the best cuddler could be desirable as a sleeping partner.

Sharing your bed with someone who has different sleeping habits than you do, can be tough.

If one side already suffers from some sleep-related issues such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, or snoring, you might wake up disturbed and in poor mood.

If this is the case, you should consult with a physician about any issues that might interrupt your sleep.

10 Health Benefits Of Sleeping Next To Someone You Love

  • Better sleep quality. Sleeping next to someone can boost serotonin, and make you exoperience melatonin faster. Plus, scientists claim that couples sleep better than single people.
  • Fall asleep faster. Variou studies claim that the average person needs at least 20 minutes to fall asleep. When sharing a bed with your partner that time cuts down to 7 minutes.
  • More Restorative Sleep. You have probably noticed that you sleep better when your partner is next to you. This has something to do with intimate moments, because bed-intimate-moments boost oxytocin, the famous ‘love hormone’ that we have already talked about.
  • Lowers Your Blood Pressure. Sleeping next to someone can help you live longer. Regular cuddles and hugs boost oxytocin levels and keep blood pressure in order.
  • Makes Your Immune System Stronger. The biggest reason for this lies in, again, this intimate and passioante moment. Couples who are regularly intimate are more resistant to common colds and even the flu. Why? They produce more antibodies.
  • Reduces Anxiety. Anxiety can disturb your daily obligations and even disturb your sleep. It can prevent you from falling asleep and make you suffer from a restless night. The skin-on-skin contact sends signals to your adrenal glands to stop producing cortisol.
  • Makes Us Happier. You will feel much happier the following morning when sleeping next to your partner. Touching someone will always release dopamine and serotonin which will fight off depression.
  • Keeps You Younger. Sleeping next to your partner can keep you more youthful. Quality time together in bed can shed years off you.
  • Makes Relationships Stronger. Couples that sleep together, stay together. As simple as that. The reason for this rests in the fact that you get to spend more hours together.
  • Reduces Inflammation. Sleepign next to someone reduces cortisol levels. Inflammation isn’t a bad thing, because it serves as a force for good, as it helps fight infection and injury. However, chronic low-level inflammation can also be damaging and can even play a huge role in many cancers, heart diseases, depression, and even type 2 diabetes.
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