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How To Choose the Right Pillow – Your Ultimate Guide

The right pillow should keep your head, neck, and spine in neutral alignment. To accomplish this, you should find the right pillow to support the quality of your sleep. Read on to discover how to find the best pillow.

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If you have spent even five minutes browsing the Internet for a new pillow, you have probably noticed there are a lot to choose from.

So, how to choose the right one? If you want to sleep well, your sleeping gear must be adequate and well-shaped, supporting you during the night.

Knowledge is the ultimate power, and only the right knowledge will get you to the right pillow. Knowing how to pick one isn’t mission impossible. You just need a few pointers.

How To Choose the Right Pillow

The wrong pillow can lead to a real pain in the neck and can be a real barrier to a good night’s sleep. Finding the right fit may be time-consuming, but it will be worth it.

Just as much it’s important to find the right mattress, it’s essential to find the best pillow possible.

The quality of your sleep may rely on many things, including room temperature and right sleeping objects. With that in mind, its crucial to invest in the right pillow.

An ill-fitting pillow can be a real sleep thief that keeps yours from waking up refreshed and full of energy. Also, poor pillow quality can trigger or worsen neck pain, headaches, and even create arm numbness.

Finding the ideal pillow can be easy if you know what type of sleeper you are. No matter your type, the pillow should keep its shape – even when you move, so it shouldn’t be fluffed often.

The goal is to keep your head in ‘neutral alignment,’ meaning that your head is not too far back or too far forward. Your head must rest squarely on your shoulders, similar in position to how you’d look standing up with good posture.

Find your tip below and uncover the perfect pillow match.

1. Back Sleeper

If you love sleeping on your back, you may benefit from a thinner pillow. This way, your neck isn’t thrown too far forward. A thinner pillow should have an extra loft in the bottom to help cradle your neck.

Memory foam is a good option because it molds to the shape of your head and neck, like a water pillow.

It can be handy to sleep with another pillow under your knees to alleviate pressure on your lower back. This is especially handy if you have lower back pain.

2. Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers could benefit from the thinnest type of pillow. Many stomach sleepers can sleep without a pillow.

If you are part of stomach sleepers, you might think about changing your sleeping position.

Sleeping on your stomach puts lots of stress on your lower back, and can push you to wake up with pain. Try sleeping on your side instead. If you need that feeling of pressure against your stomach, you could sleep, hugging a body pillow.

3. Side Sleeper

Side sleepers should always choose a firm pillow and an extra-wide gusset to help bridge the distance between your ear and shoulder.

To align your spine, you should think about sleeping with a pillow between your knees.

No matter what type of sleeper you are, some general guidelines apply to every sleeping style and every sleeping item. General tips are:

  • Replace your pillow every 18 months maximum
  • Clean and air blow your pillow every day
  • Use pillow protectors to extend your pillow life

Little is known, but you can actually test if a pillow is ‘dead.’ Just check if its springs back after you fold it in half. If it doesn’t spring back, it’s time to get a new one.

If you sleep only in one position, you are in luck. However, if you are a mixed or combination sleeper, you might find the perfect pillow.

If you toss and turn between positions in the night, no pillow will completely meet your needs.

Maybe a medium height pillow is the safest bet, offering support for side sleeping but also the shallowness needed for back sleeping.

How to Pick the Right Pillow

With so many pillow options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right pillow.

Here are the most important criteria that you should consider when finding the perfect pillow:

  • Fill: you will have to choose between memory foam, down, synthetic down, polyester fill, latex, cotton, and wool.
  • Weight: Lates and memory foam pillow is going to be heavier. Synthetic pillow will be lighter.
  • Size: In most cases, pillows come in two sizes: standard and king. There is also a king-size pillow.
  • Quality: this pillow will last longer and help you sleep better. Always do your research and read reviews to choose the right pillow for you.

Does Your Mattress Matter To Your Pillow Choice?

Simply answer here is yes, mattress matter to your pillow choice. Pillow should match mattress because the pillow is lying on a firm surface and needs to adapt to the pressure of the weight of your head in your starting position.

If you have a softer mattress, you should definitely think about a firmer pillow to keep your head and neck aligned.

Pillow and mattress are important parts of your sleep environment, and having the right one under your head can make more comfortable and restful nights.

Specialty Option Pillows

Depending on your needs, you might want to consider numerous specialty pillows. These pillows are designed to alleviate particular pains and any disturbance that may affect your sleep.

  • Water pillows: these pillows use water to create your own customized level of support and density.
  • Cool pillows: these pillows are specially designed to absorb and whisk away heat, leaving the part of the pillow that touches your face cool.
  • Anti-snore pillows: these pillows may have a frim core, can retain height, and offer a soft outer area to your head. They also let you breathe better and can even prevent snoring.

If you can find the time, do your research first. Ask your friends and family about their pillows, and what are the brands that they trust.

Ask them if they are satisfied with the price, would they recommend it to a friend, and whether they were satisfied with it.

If you already have a trusted brand, shop there. Some brands are better at making a more comfortable pillow than others.

The Bottom Line

You know how vital good sleep is for your health. It can affect your mood, productivity, and if you are in your college years, it can severely affect your academic performance. The same applies to those in high schools.

Therefore, having the right sleeping gear is mandatory for good sleep, and having the perfect pillow can boost your sleep.

Find the perfect pillow by carefully researching what’s available on the market, talk to your friends and family, and see which brand works for them.

Also, know your sleeping position and show pillow based on that. Your sleeping position matters, and knowing your preferences can help you choose the perfect pillow faster.


1. How can I be sure I am using the right pillow?

When choosing a pillow you should search for the pillow that can keep your neck, head, and spine in neutral alignment. You should have a good natural curvature of the spine.

2. What is the best type of pillow to use if you are a back sleeper?

As a back sleeper, you should focus on finding a ‘medium’ pillow. This pillow should have a medium loft and medium firmness.

A pillow made from should conform to pressure, so any pillow with a memory foam should be ok.

3. What is the best type of pillow for a side sleeper?

As a side sleeper, you would want to have firm support. Side sleepers need pillows with a high loft and firmer support.

If you love sleeping on the side, you can use pillows made out of materials that can be fluffed down.

4. What is the best type of pillow for stomach sleepers?

Sleep experts suggest avoiding stomach sleeping altogether. Sleeping on your stomach tends to position the upper cervical spine at end-range rotation or extension.

Still, for stomach sleepers who can’t sleep in any other position, a pillow ith low loft, soft support, and a compressible fill can be the best alternative.

5. What pillows are used in 5-star hotels?

Five-star hotels commonly use three major types of pillows. These types are goose (feather) down pillows, down alternative, and feather/down blend pillows.

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