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Top Solutions When You Can’t Sleep After Breakup

Going through a breakup is always a stressful experience. You may suffer for a week, while others may grief for months. During this challenging period, it's mandatory to keep your sleep steady. Here is how.

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After a breakup, you might find yourself crying all day, sharing your break up story with a stranger on the subway, or checking your ex’s social media a couple of times a day, or all day long.

Breakup hit us emotionally big time. You are probably familiar with your sleeping habits during a breakup, or maybe better to say non-existing sleeping habits when you suffer emotionally.

Tossing and turning all night long is a common practice when dealing with matters of the heart.

You may blame your ex for stressful nights and your inability to sleep because stress is just too big. However, in some cases, post-breakup insomnia can be a little more complicated than just post-split stress.

Different studies have found that stress is connected to insomnia, while the breakups can be extremely stressful.

Some studies even showed that mourning a relationship is very similar to grieving the death of a loved one because both can lead to insomnia, immune dysfunction, physical pain, and intrusive thoughts.

It would be great if you could cure your insomnia with a simple tea, but the truth is that the best medicine here is time. For certain things in life, all you can do is to wait it out and feed your dopamine in the meantime.

Dopamine is known as the ‘feel-good chemical’ receptors that can be activated with simple actions, such as:

  • Going out
  • Meeting new people
  • Distracting yourself form a current worry as much as possible

Stressful Times

Mourning a relationship isn’t easy, but it is part of life, and everyone goes through it differently. The only thing that you can have control over it during this period is your sleep.

The truth is that good sleep can heal both emotional and physical wounds.

We know – falling asleep after a breakup is often easier said than done, but it had to be done. Your body needs sleep to keep working smoothly.

You may be sleeping, but your organism is busy keeping you alive 24/7, without excuses. With that in mind, you should do everything you can to give your body enough sleep.

Still, the most common reason for our lack of sleep after a breakup is being unable to calm our minds down enough to allow us to rest.

We obsess over things, like what we could have done better, how things could have been, or what we should have changed.

Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to manage to sleep better.

With the right tips and tricks, you will manage to sleep better after a breakup. These tips will help you stay as healthy as possible during this stressful time.

Tips For Falling Asleep After A Breakup

Some problems in life go smoothly, while others suffer for an extended period of time and cannot sleep no matter how much they try.

When the body goes through stress, the whole core shakes up. What the mind goes through a breakup, the entire body feels. Here is how to cope with that.

Journal Before Bed

When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s always helpful to talk with someone.

Since you can’t expect people to be with you 24/7 for months, you should focus on what you can do alone.

In moments like this, it always helps to write a journal.

Paper suffers everything, and it allows you to say whatever bothers you. This way, you will also calm your mind and lie down with a clearer head.

Just spare 5 to 10 minutes before bed to write down your through, and you will see how much it will help you.

Use Natural Remedies

Don’t focus on over-the-counter pills. If you have to help you calm down or sleep better, make sure that focus on natural remedies.

It can be tempting to take a couple of pills and fall asleep, but grieving for something or someone should be done naturally, so you allow your heart to recover.

To sleep better, or to sleep in general, try some of the following natural remedies:

  • Lavender. You can drink it in tea, use it as an essential oil, or have a few drops in your bath before bed.
  • Chamomile. The most popular tea that promotes sleep is chamomile tea. It can induce tea, just make sure that you take it before you sleep and make it a part of your sleeping routine.
  • CBD Supplement or Oil. CBD supplement are safe, and won’t give you a high. These supplements are effective for many things, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Eat Better

Food might be the last thing on your list when suffering, but the truth is that you need to eat. Even if your appetite isn’t great, you will need to eat to promote health and not destroy it.

Eat nutrient-dense food and have everyday vegetables, fruits, and protein. This food will keep you strong and fresh.

Take extra vitamins if you feel that your strength is on the break – this way, you will keep your immune system strong.

Talk to your doctor if you need professional guidelines on vitamins. Last but not least – don’t forget to drink water!

Coffee and alcohol aren’t an option when it comes to proper hydration.

Dehydration can beat up only with the proper amount of water. Eat high-water veggies and fruits next to 8 glasses of water a day.

Exercise A Bit

You may not have the strength to hit the gym or workout for hours, but you should move a bit. Regular exercise can always help you feel better.

Moreover, exercise can improve your mood and your immune system. You don’t have to go running, but you should find some movement that will keep you busy.

Here are some ideas for a non-invasive workout:

  • Walk around the block
  • Ask a next-door-neighbor to walk their dog, if you don’t have one and you know around dogs
  • Clean your room
  • Clean the entire house
  • Do some gardening
  • Dust off bookshelves
  • Do some yoga

Find A Healthy Distraction

Having a healthy distraction can help you leave your bad distractions behind. You should know your triggers, what pushes you to go from good to bad.

This way, you will stop yourself from doing something bad, like calling your ex, eating junk food, or focusing on negative thoughts.

So, when you notice that you are getting in depression, anxiety, or destructive thoughts, you should get up and do something else.

It sounds silly, but being busy actually helps with grief.

Things to do:

  • Cook
  • Bake
  • Watch inspiration movies
  • Do some creative work that including shaping something with your hands
  • Read a good book
  • Try to learn a language
  • Call a friend for a walk
  • Just call a friend
  • Do something nice for someone else

Things not to do:

Just like some things could help you feel better, some things can do more harm than good. Here is what you should avoid during your grief period:

  • Online shopping
  • Countless hours of scrolling
  • Overeating
  • Text your ex
  • Anything that could remind you of your ex
  • Avoid any activities that you used to share with your ex

Bonus Tips If You’re Not Used To Sleeping Alone

If you are used to sharing a bed with someone, you might feel additional sadness by seeing a bedside empty. All that you can do at this moment is to continue to sleep on your side.

You can try sleeping in the middle of the bed, but it can help remove that association of someone being on the other side of the bed. You will get used to this; it will take only a few nights.

If you feel like there’s too much space around you, simply place a pillow behind your back. If this emptiness is too much, think about a sleep buddy, such as a teddy bear.

The Bottom Line

Falling asleep after a breakup may be difficult and even frustrating, but it’s something that you shouldn’t neglect.

If you miss sleeping regularly, it will negatively affect other aspects of your life as well, including your health, energy, and productivity.

Luckily, if you apply all of the tips listed above, you could really make a difference.

You can stick only to one suggestion or combine them all to make your sleep more comfortable. In turn, you will get mental and physical satisfaction as you are entering a new chapter of your life.

Sleep well.

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