Is Bamboo Pillow Good For Your Sleep: Pros And Cons Listed

Some people can sleep almost anywhere, on any ground, and for them sleeping is a normal activity that happens without any challenges. However, for some people sleeping may be a real challenge.

Those people can try everything, from natural tea remedies, specially designed weight blankets, or specific sleep positions, and they would still have problems.

Moreover, some people tend to invest in high-end sleeping equipment without knowing if it can really help them or not.

Remember: we are all individuals, and what may work one may awaken a discomfort in others.

Regardless of personal preferences when it comes to sleep, one is for sure – no one can sleep without proper sleeping equipment.

For some, it may only be a floor and a mattress, while for others it is usually a good mattress, comfortable pillow, and a comfortable blanket. Still, as you may notice one thing repeats – mattresses.

This is usually the very first step – finding the perfect mattress – for accommodating proper sleep posture. Surprisingly, you can choose the best mattress in the world and still got it wrong if you don’t have a decent pillow.

Sleep Gear Essentials

Choosing the correct pillow is an essential step to good sleep, especially that pillow is designed to keep your body well supported.

Since sleeping equipment is so essential for good sleep, it comes as no surprise that new products are present each day.

Every product is specially designed to help the body during sleep and to provide a better night’s sleep. That being said, one of the latest sleeping gear is bamboo pillows.

Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are called as such due to bamboo fibers used to create the material. These pillows are filled with shredded memory foam. Any item filled with memory foam provides individual comfort and custom made outlines that can support your body during sleep.

The main benefit of these pillows is exactly the personalized adjustment to match your personal preferences next to your body’s needs for a better and comfortable night’s sleep.

Bamboo Pillows Benefits

Bamboo pillows are specially designed to maintain a free-breathing while sleeping. Moreover, they contain a bamboo base viscose outer shell, and they are stuffed with memory foam that enables more sound sleep.

That being said, no matter what type of sleeper you are, these pillows are specially designed to provide comfort and to provide the right temperature. Actually, there are many benefits of this unique product.

1. Back And Neck Alignment

Your spinal alignment is not essential only during the day. Healthy sleep is possible only when your spine is aligned well.

Your spine is responsible for your entire body. Actually, your spine is the main bridge of your nervous system – all your body functions are routed in your spine.

So, your sleep position must provide the much-needed support that your spine needs in order to stay in a neutral and all-natural position through the night.

That’s the only way to support your body through various positions for a good sleep and overall useful health benefits.

2. Bamboo Pillows Are Naturally Hypoallergenic

Due to its hypoallergenic features, bamboo pillows are fantastic for people who suffer from any allergies. They are also extremely light, which makes them perfect for children.

Bamboo fiber is known for being incredibly light, breathable, and delicate. These pillows are great for any warmer climate.

Moreover, the ideal choice for a long and hot summer night, when breathable materials are much needed.

3. Bamboo Pillows Offer Antimicrobial Properties

Bamboo pillows are great when it comes to clean sleeping space.

They have antimicrobial properties and can help to get rid of the fungus, bacteria, and any other microorganisms that can actually result in a more suitable sleeping experience.

Memory foam enables the right comfort to your head and neck to fight upper back pain and neck pain.

4. Sleeping Needs

If you are a stomach-sleeper, than you know how uncomfortable it can be to have a misaligned spine. This happens due to the way you turn your head to accommodate the rest of your body.

Because of this, keeping your neck and head as flat as possible should be imperative. This is why memory foam matters here.

Also, if you tend to sleep on your side, then you know how it’s essential to have a stable spine. In this case, make sure that you have an additional pillow on hand, in case you need to contours your head, and overall accommodate your entire neck and head area.

A thin and soft pillow is mandatory here, next to a small pillow under your hips to help keep strain off your lower back.

5. Bamboo Moisture Absorbency

Since bamboo pillows are made from natural materials, it means that bamboo is highly absorbent, which is beneficial to a cooler night’s sleep.

Compared to other natural fiber bases, bamboo is exceptionally absorbent.

You won’t have to use reusable diapers or towels, and they will get fo nicely to any skin type. Moreover, they are extremely durable through the wash.

But… Are There Any Down Sides?

The list of bamboo pillows can be endless, but it can’t harm to know about some downsides as well.

Since some features can be deal-breaker to some people, it is essential to note that some features are not as appealing as it may be. That being said, let’s where the room for improvement may be.

1. Strong Chemical Smell

Bamboo materials are mostly combined with memory foam. Memory foam is a human-made material, so it may contain an off-gassing smell, because of being encased in packaging.

As you may know, anything packed can’t actually breathe so that it can create a strong smell, that people often link with a chemical smell. These smells are usual, and they disappear soon after opening. Moreover, this smell is similar to the opening of any other household cleaner or in everything from makeup to cushioning.

2. Adjustment Period Is Longer

Bamboo pillows are incredibly light, so it requires to linger adjustment period. We are used to more massive pillows and materials. Non-adjustable pillows will always work with a wider variety of people.

For anything, a more particular adjustment period is needed. Pillow must learn what works for your body, what your preferences are, and what every sleeping position needs.

3. Messy Filling

When it comes to washing bamboo pillows, everything is simple. You take out the filling and put the pillow in the washing machine. Some people find this complicated and messy. Why? You need a place to keep anything you remove, and you need to keep every piece of filling.

Since the filling is super small, it can easily get lost, and its pieces can quickly get stuck to anything. Shredded memory foam always has the potential of sticking around. Having a large ziplock bag could help and cut down the messy part.

4. Washing

Bamboo pillows take a long time to dry. Traditionally memory foam is not easy to wash and can even start breaking down when it’s exposed to strong moisture over time.

Luckily, some filling can be washable as well, but this depends on the company. In more often cases, the pillow can be washable, while filling should be put on the side.

Also, washing should be avoided as long as possible, and whenever you wash it, you need always to make sure to dry it thoroughly.

5. Packaging

One of the best features of the memory foam is that it can be easily compressed. Therefore, it may be compressed fast and packaged quickly. Next, it can be stored even faster or vacuum-sealed. Sometimes it may appear as if pillow looks different, which depends on how long these pillows have been stored like this.

An extremely long compression may compromise the ‘spring’ of the foam. Typically, memory foam can generally begin to bounce back less and less if it’s compressed over and over.

However, plumping your pillow and allowing it to rest through the day is the best way to ensure a longer life.

Bamboo Pillows – The Bottom Line

As you can see, bamboo pillow pros can easily outweigh the cons, although paying close attention to details and claims before a purchase is always highly recommended. With pillows philosophy, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work, so some adjustment is necessary to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Make sure that you see closely what’s available on the market, see pros and cons, and give it a got if you believe that you can sleep better.

Moreover, if your sleep is troubled with tossing and turning around, you should take the advantages of bamboo pillows and address your sleeping problems.