Should Pets Sleep With You – Is It Safe?

As a pet owner, you must know how challenging it must be to say ‘no’ to your pet when it comes to bed-sharing. Pets love being next to their humans.

If you have had an opportunity to spend some time with a dog or had one you know how needy they are, and how much they love to snuggle with their favorite people.

It turns out that animals, even those that aren’t so common in homes, love spending nights in the bed of their owners.

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Can Napping During The Day Affect Your Sleep At Night?

In some cultures, napping is a regular and healthy thing. Moreover, it’s expected concerning people to have a short rest during the day. This practice can lead to longer working hours and to better work and life balance. However, when it comes to napping in the States, napping as not yet as accessible.

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Insomnia – Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Sleeping problems are never easy. After all, poor sleep affects so many areas in life. If you have sleep problems already, have you double-check your health condition? Are you sure that you don’t have insomnia?

Lately, insomnia is a common condition among many. Before you start taking insomnia as one of your sleeping problems, let’s see what insomnia is. Continue reading →

Here Is What You Should Do When Work Interferes with Sleep

Let’s face it – no matter how well organized you are, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

This is more accurate if you are a working professional. You know just how dynamic the work field is and how quickly change is. That being said, unless you have a strict work schedule, chances are that your workday lasts longer than planned.

Non-traditional work hours or simply extra-long days can create a mess in your routine. Therefore, unusual working hours can directly interfere with your sleep, meaning that yous sleep quality can be jeopardized. Continue reading →

Sleep Apnea – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

Sleep apnea is, at the moment, one of the most common sleep disorders. This sleeping disorder is common in Americans nowadays that almost 22 million Americans suffer from this condition. Therefore, sleep apnea has become a real health issue in the States.

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Foods For Sleep: 9 Foods That Will Make You Sleepy

Eating and drinking hygiene are essential when it comes to good sleep. People know that they should avoid difficult food and heavy drinks right before bedtime, but they usually don’t follow that rule.

The truth is that avoiding caffeine and heavy foods at night helps you sleep better, healthier, and more soundly. Since good health is crucial for overall wellbeing, you should mind your diet and drinking habits before bedtime. Continue reading →

5 Best Positions To Sleep In For Lower Back Pain

You are dealing with back pain on a daily level? You’re not alone. According to the latest studies, data, and researches, lower back pain is more present than ever before.

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Sleeping On The Floor: Benefits, Treatment, And Side Effects

People usually can’t sleep without a good mattress. Moreover, high-quality sleep is always linked with a good mattress.

But, did you know that is some cultures mattress is not anyhow linked with good sleep or sleeping in general.

With the rise of minimalistic living, even Western culture is taking into consideration new ways of sleeping. Therefore, the mattress is becoming unnecessary. But, how effective sleeping without a good mattress is?

In this article, we will tackle this question, and see how sleeping on the floor is effective and if there are any side effects, and benefits. Continue reading →

10 Effective Tips For Sleep-Deprived New Moms

Oh, sweet baby of mine! Motherhood is so happy time for many: you get to explore the new phase in your life, you tap yourself on the shoulder for delivering this bundle of joy, and your smile with your loved one on your baby for hours… However, it doesn’t work like that. Motherhood is slightly different from what you had in mind. Continue reading →