10 Effective Tips For Sleep-Deprived New Moms

Oh, sweet baby of mine! Motherhood is so happy time for many: you get to explore the new phase in your life, you tap yourself on the shoulder for delivering this bundle of joy, and your smile with your loved one on your baby for hours… However, it doesn’t work like that. Motherhood is slightly different from what you had in mind.

Of course, you will love spending the time with your baby, and you will get so much from those moments. But, one thing that people tend to forget to mention is that your sleep will never be the same once you have a baby under your roof!

Mothers don’t get a good night’s sleep in weeks, sometimes even months. In a nutshell, this is sleep deprivation that can appear at any age .

After all, it isn’t easy caring for your baby when you need more sleep to feel rest and functional. Moreover, lack of sleep can slightly push you into depression.

According to statistics of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: 100,000 crashes happen each year due to drowsy driving.

Sadly, strong sleep loss can increase a new mom’s risk of postpartum mood problems. That being said, can you do something about it?
Actually, yes. You can do a lot. Follow these 10 effective tips from improving your sleep while bringing up baby.

1. Know Your Sleep Needs

Before the baby arrives you need to prepare the nursery, have baby stuff on hand, be informed about the baby’s needs and so on, right? You should add one more thing to your list – your sleep hygiene or your sleep needs.

Once you become pregnant, discuss your sleep with the people that went through the same – your parents.

Next, talk about it with your partner, because you will be set for a new adventure, and you will need mutual support. Moreover, talk about for much sleep do you actually need, based on your age and see how you can make it happen, or work around it.

2. Hospital Nursery Will Help You

Hospital nursery is there to help you and the baby. That being said, don’t feel guilty if you use it to benefit more. While the baby is the nursery, you should sleep and recover.

So, use it without any guilt. You have just delivered a baby, and you need to recuperate from birth. While you are enjoying much-needed sleep, your baby will be safe in the hands of professionals.

At the same time, while you are alone, you will have time to remember how you were sleeping before pregnancy. Let’s face it, your sleeping position in pregnancy are different than when you are pregnant.

3. Know Your Limits

Make sure that you be honest with yourself when it comes to your time and responsibilities. Moreover, having a new person in your life will demand your time and energy. So, let the people in your life help you.

Don’t add more responsibility. Share daily responsibility with other family members and balance, so you can get more sleep.

4. Follow Your Baby Sleep Schedule

Simple said, once you welcome a baby into your home you will be able to sleep properly, only when your baby sleeps.

So, sleep when your baby sleeps. Moreover, any experienced baby burse will give you identical advice. Therefore, save yourself from sleep deprivation and sleep when your baby sleeps.

If your baby is simply taking a nap, you should take a nap as well. It may be very attempting to do housework while your baby is asleep, but ignore that urge and just take a nap too. Because once the baby is up, you will be up too.

Furthermore, don’t use this time to make phone calls or to watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Sleep.

5. Ask For Help

Don’t be scared to ask for help, and don’t be embarrassed to accept any help that you can get.

Many people are resistant, but whoever offers you the help, accept it. Don’t look at sleep as a luxury, but a mandatory part of your day.

6. Don’t Be Scared That You Won’t Hear Baby Crying

First-time mothers are usually scared that if they fall asleep, they won’t hear the baby crying. However, this is something that shouldn’t be worrying you at all.

You will always hear your baby crying. If you still have concerns, think about buying a baby monitor and keeping it near you.
Remember: if your baby crying alone for a few minutes, he or she will be OK.

7. Delegate Tasks

Delivering tasks can be very useful for a balanced day. If your baby takes a bottle, ask your partner to take on some of the feedings.

This feeding time will be a great opportunity to boost father-son or father-daughter connection.

After all, sharing responsibility will give your children a good role modeling for the future.

8. Think About The Future

When you start feeling tired, or depressed because you are not getting enough sleep, have this on your mind – one day your baby will let your sleep. However, that won’t be in the first few months.

You will have to wait for 8 months at least. For the perfect sleeping environment of babies, article.

Some babies sleep through the night earlier than others. But, if your baby is crying all night, talk yo your pediatrician. Maybe, just maybe there is a medical reason for this behavior.

Maybe your baby just suffers for too much gas or acid reflux.

9. Recognize The Baby Blues

Sleep loss can lead to numeorus changes in behavior and lifestyle in general. Therefore, as a mom with a baby on her hands, you can experience serious postpartum depression.

So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor to address them. Mood change may be made worse by sleep deprivation.

10. Rule Out Underlying Sleep Disorders

Short naps can help you keep your sleep schedule balanced. But, if you feel that naps are not enough and you still sleep well, maybe you should think about visiting a professional for a possible underlying sleep disorder or medical problem.

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Also, sleeping disorders may be linked to gain weight.

10 Effective Tips For Sleep-Deprived New Moms – Conclusion

Having a baby in your life is such a blessing moment. However, your needs won’t stop simply because you have additional people to focus on.

Simply said, you can’t and shouldn’t neglect your needs. That being said, you should sleep. Moreover, you should sleep as much as possible because you will need as much strength as possbile to keep up with your busty and intense schedule.

Since you are entering or re-entering, motherhood, you will have to adjust your sleep schedule. Make sure that you do it properly, by sleeping when your baby sleeps and by being awake when your baby is awake.