Sleeping During Hot Weather – Tricks To Survive

Sleeping during hot weather can be rather challenging when all that you want to do is to have a peaceful night. But, the constant tossing and turning around can really clash with your sleeping needs.

That being said, when it’s hot outside, it can be difficult to fall asleep. However, there are a few ways to get cool and moreover, remain cool long enough to doze off and get a good sleep.

How To Sleep In Hot Weather?

During extreme heat waves, many people have difficulties when it comes to sleep. Moreover, its extremely difficult to get adequate sleep when the temperature is significantly higher then you are used to.

Many parts of the world are experiencing stronger and stronger heat waves, meaning that a huge number of people has real sleeping problems, including fragmented sleep or even less dreaming.

Simply said, people are experiencing for the first time ever the real danger of not being able to sleep, simply because it’s too hot. In most cases and in most hot parts of the world, people are fixing this problem by having air conditioning.

However, with often and more extreme heat waves, electrical power can even go down because of increased demand. So, knowing how to cool yourself on a hot night without air conditioning is a mandatory skill nowadays.

After all, your sleep should be your priority, moreover that you need proper sleep to refresh your body, regain your strength, and feel fresh the following day.

Best Sleeping Temperature

Before you start with testing the best approaches for cooling yourself and your sleeping area, you should learn what is the temperature that you should thrive for on a daily basis.

After all, it’s not healthy to sleep in too hot or in a too cold environment. That being said, you should bear in mind that perfect bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, this is a temperature for average adult person. Children, newborns, youngsters, and elderly have different sleeping temperature needs.

So, 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit are enough for optimal sleep, meaning that you will feel fresh and rested. This temperature is optimal for your bedroom only, and overall for your optimal sleep. Your bedroom should always be ready for sleep – it should be cool, dark, and quiet. This surrounding is the best when it comes to enhancing your sleep.

Preparing For Hot Weather And Hot Nights

In life and especially in business preparation means that more than half of the job is already done. Furthermore, the same rules may apply to your sleep during hot weather. So, make sure that you do what’s needed in order to have proper sleep during hot nights.

Before You Go To Bed

There is a number of different steps that you can practice before you go to sleep on hot nights. Have a bedtime routine that will serve you as a strong base to handle hot nights. So, things to do before you go to bed:

  • Have a cool shower – you can always have a cool shower before you go to bed. Don’t bath for hours, just refresh. This should also be done occasionally, and shouldn’t be done on a regular basis.
  • Wet your face and arms – if you want to avoid every night shower, you can cool your body by wetting your face and arms with a towel or even a face washer. You can fill a spray bottle with water, stand in front of a fan and spray for quick refreshment.
  • Soak you feet – before you go to sleep soak your feet in cold water for around 10 minutes. It’s known that the heat is lost quickly through extremities, like head and feet. Also, you can think about wetting your hair.
  • Apply cool clothes – for a short period of time you can apply cool wet cloths, including ice packs or cold water to the skin, especially in the areas like groins and armpits. These areas are also known as areas where your blood flows closest to the surface of your skin. This will help you cool down instantly.
  • Wristbands – you can apply wristbands soaked in cold water for instant cooling.
  • Sleep naked – if you can’t handle not even the tiniest part of clothes on your body, you should think about sleeping naked.

It is also important to think about sleep preparation early in the morning, as there are a few things that can save you a lot of time and even temperature, during the day.

Prepare Your Home For Hot Weather

Make sure to prepare your home in such a manner that you experience far less heat during the hot weather and summer nights. Therefore, follow the listed steps for better sleeping experience:

  • Keep your home cool – you can maintain home cool by drawing the shades, blinds, curtains during the hottest part of the day. Also, keep the window closed, as well.
  • Clean air-conditioner – make sure that your air-conditioner is serviced properly and that its clean. This way it will work more efficiently and will save you on bills.
  • Use fans – if you are using fans, ensure that blades are cleaned and dusted, for higher efficiency.

In addition, make sure to drink a lot of water during the day, especially on extremely hot days. Moreover, if you are suffering from any chronic medical conditions, make sure that you talk to your doctor about the best ways to cool down during hot weather.

Things To Avoid

Although there is a number of things that can help you to sleep better in hot weather, there are also a few things that you should avoid if you want to have a better sleep. Things that you should avoid:

  • Avoid heavy exercising – you should avoid heavy exercises before your sleep. Exercising in general increases internal temperature and you should avoid it before your sleep. So, if you insist on working out before your sleep, you should go with some light-yoga and hours before its time for your sleep – you should give your body the opportunity to cool down.
  • Avoid spicy food – avoid spicy, hot, or heavy meals or food in general, during the day, and especially near bedtime.
  • Avoid caffeine and chocolate – you should avoid caffeine intake and chocolate bites late at night, especially close to your bedtime. Caffeinated drinks like energy drinks, coffee, and tea increase dehydration and should be avoided. If you have to drink something before your sleep you should think about tea that will improve your sleep. In addition, you should avoid night cup during the whole year, not just during the hot weather.

Improving Your Sleep Environment

Having a proper sleep environment is more than just having a bed in your bedroom. Sleep environment talks about your everyday surrounding. So, make sure to have a sleep environment that’s cold, calm and dark, especially during hot weather. The things that you can do to make sleep experience richer even in hot nights:

  1. Choose cotton – silk, polyester, or satin should be your last option during the hot days. Choose cotton. Lightweight cotton, like Egyptian, is breathable and great for promoting ventilation in the bedroom.
  2. Move the pet – if you are a pet owner the chances are that your furry friend sleeps next to you. But, during the hot weather having an additional warm body can create additional warmth, and create additional stress. Make sure to set your pet a personal space in cool corner.
  3. Get loose – less is definitely more when it comes too hot weather. Dress lightly for your sleep and make sure that you wear cotton.
  4. Hydrate – make sure that you drink enough water. Occasionally tossing, sweating and turning around can result in dehydration. Also, don’t overdo with water, you need daily around eight ounces. Otherwise, you may experience often bathroom visits after 2 P.M.
  5. Buy a chillow – people are turning more and more to sleeping-oriented tech solutions. So, products, like this one or cooler blankets and so on, should be able to lower your body temperature and to keep you in optimal sleep limits during the night.
  6. Switch off – make sure that you have all of your devices in your bedroom switched off. By keeping the room tech-free you will have more peaceful and healthier sleep, while your tech will have a nice time to recharge and rest as well.
  7. Turn off the lights – this advice is self-explanatory. Each type of light bulbs give off heat, so make sure to use natural light as much as possible. In addition, keep rooms cool after dark by simply using lights minimally, or not at all (that would be the perfect option).
  8. Hang the sheets – if you don’t own any air-conditioner or you are simply not a fan of one, you should think about wet sheets. Yes, you read it right! You can cool down a whole room by simply hanging a wet sheet in front of an active window. The breeze will help you bring down the room’s temperature.
  9. Cold feet – dunking feet in cold water before you hit the bed is a great and fast way of lowering your body temperature. If you wake up often during the night, you can keep a bucket of water next to your bed and dip feet every time you feel you are about to jump out of your skin, due to too hot weather.
  10. You can camp – if you are living in a house, you can choose to camp outside. Of course, there are a few things that you should think about it before you go for this option. Make sure that your outdoor place is safe, not only from other people but in terms of infrastructure and its safety. Simply said there is a difference if you are going to sleep on a roof, backyard, or courtyard. When you find your safe place, you can simply pitch a tent and sleep al fresco.
  11. Go low – its more pleasant to sleep closer to the actual ground during the hot weather. Basically, you can shift your extra-comfy mattress for a mat, like a bamboo mat. Surfaces of these natural sleeping surfaces are less comfortable, but they are also cooler than the average mattress.

How To Prepare For Future Heat Waves

It’s getting hotter and hotter with each season, so it’s crucial that you set your home, and your sleeping environment accordingly. So, if you are living in an area where hot weather is a daily occurrence think about investing in a proper air-conditioner system. Make sure that you have the right system and specially bought based on your apartment needs.

If you are not sure how big air-conditioner you need, check with the office clerk and ask for professional advice. When you are preparing for the future heat waves you should think about your health as well. When you are sweating you are losing both electrolytes and water, so when you sweat even more you are losing even more electrolytes and water.
That being said, make sure that you stay hydrated. In addition, avoid unprotected and excessive sun exposure.

Sunburn can only add up to your misery when you are trying to sleep when it’s hot.

Good to know: Good air-conditioner is difficult to find during a heat wave.

Sleeping During Hot Weather – Key Takeaways

The climate is changing and its seen in frequent heat wives all over the globe. This new trend is not something that we are custom with, as we are used to more balanced weather seasons. However, many parts of the world are experiencing heat waves, and for the first time in history, people are having trouble sleeping because it’s too hot, in so frequent repetition.

Moreover, the practice showed us that when the temperature is too high or too low we simply can’t have a peaceful night of sleep. When the weather is too hot you may experience excessive sweating, difficulties to falling asleep, it simply takes longer to fall asleep, and even more, your sleep can often be interrupted due to too hot weather and result in less dreaming, and the more nervous following day.

Many people are dealing with hot weather thanks to the use of the air-conditioner. However, that is the case everywhere, and if nothing else it’s not utterly healthy to sleep under the air-conditioner all night long. Moreover, there is a number of small hacks that you can implement in order to achieve better sleep.

So, make sure that you achieve sleep as soon as possible with one of many sleeping techniques listed above and to have a full night sleep.

Extra Tips For Sleeping During Hot Weather

  1. Drink lots of eater.
  2. Have smaller, lighter, and frequent meals.
  3. Freeze towel to use it as a cool compress.
  4. Shower and let your hair wet before your bed time. Make sure it is slightly dry before you go to bed. Let it dry naturally.
  5. Play relaxing music, it may help.
  6. Postpone heavy activities.
  7. If you are using fan, make sure there is a path for air to flow.